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NYC Sunscreen/Sunshade/Building Facade

  • Sunshade and sunscreen

  • Glass curtain walling

  • Aluminium panel cladding

  • Porcelain enamel panel cladding

  • Corrugated steel cladding

Glazing materials for curtain walling varied from float glass, tempered glass, laminated glass to double-glazed glass. As for metal cladding works, choices of materials include solid aluminium panels, aluminium composite panels, corrugated steel cladding and porcelain enamel panels.

Sunshades and Sunscreens designed and built by NYC are generally of the fixed metal types for building exterior. These external shading devices reduce solar heat gain and glare in interior spaces. Some benefits include :

  • enhance human comfort inside the building
  • possibility to downsize mechanical cooling equipment during design stage.
  • Savings in energy resulting from decreased use of and lesser demand on the cooling system.

Sunshades are generally mounted horizontally from the building, protruding from the roof or around the facade. For cantilevered sunshades around the building facade that provide shading for the windows or glass curtain walling below, the protrusion depends on the required degree angle of solar cut-off required during middle of the day. Shade extrusion spacing controls the amount of indirect sun light to optimise the efficiency of these shades. The sunshades can also be designed to serve as walkways for cleaning and maintenance of the external glazing.

Sunscreens are generally mounted vertically on selected facades of a building, for example west ward facing glazing walls. The types and profiles of materials are selected to allow comfortable amounts of indirect sun light to enter from the outside while also allowing for adequate view to the outside.

In addition to the glass curtain walling and wall cladding, building designers undoubtedly quest for functional shading devices that compliment the building's architecture, in search of suitable materials and styles. We custom design and build the sunshades and sunscreens in collaboration with the project consultants for requirements of each project. Simple sunshades could consist of readily available round or rectangular hollow sections while specially extruded aluminium aerofoil and other profiled extrusions are available. Other types include perforated metal sheets and meshes. Shading materials for sunscreens are casted grilles, die-casted aluminium patterned screens, etc.

At NYC we offer our clients the distinct advantage of a complete one-stop centre. We are fully equipped for the design, fabrication and installation of both the supporting structures the facade covering and the shading materials. Our knowledge and understanding on building walling systems like glass curtain walls, aluminium claddings, stone claddings etc, enable us to provide the appropriate detailing and support system of the supporting frames to the building structures located behind the different walling systems mentioned.

Custom designed

Fixed Metal Sunshade / Sunscreen

Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ministry of Finance, Putrajaya, Malaysia

Ministry of Finance, Putrajaya, Malaysia

Ministry of Finance, Putrajaya, Malaysia

Ministry of Finance, Putrajaya, Malaysia

Sri Hartamas Shop Office, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mountville, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Lot 4G2, Putrajaya, Malaysia

Lot 4G1, Putrajaya, Malaysia



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