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NYC Tension Membrane Structure


  • PTFE coated glassfibre fabric

  • PVC coated polyester fabric

  • ETFE film and cushions

  • Silicone coated glassfibre fabric

Tension membrane structure is also referred to as "fabric structure" or "tensile membrane structure".

NYC's experience in tension membrane structure began in 1996, working in partnership with well established foreign companies in tension membrane structure. Our design and build experiences and our expertise in steel structures have proven to be an advantage during our "apprenticeship". We were able to concentrate and focus solely on the acquiring of know how and understanding the history and development of this trade, from "tent structure" in the early 1960's, to pneumatic structures in the 1980's, to creative architectural tension membrane structures in the 1990's and now established as a socially recognised and sought after building feature. For us, it was a proper accelerated learning curves, providing to us a solid foundation for the future.

NYC is considered as one of the pioneers of tension membrane structures in Malaysia. We have evolved into an established full fledge design and build company for tension membrane structures. Our design and contracting departments are constantly working to provide excellence in design and engineering and keeping abreast with advancements in techniques and materials. NYC's fabrication plant is fully equipped with precision heat welding machine, frequency welder and arguably, one of the largest flat-bed fabric cutting / plotting machine in the industry.

For outdoor translucent structure, we offer either the UV stabilised PVC coated polyester fabric or the PTFE (Teflon) coated glassfibre fabric. ETFE film (single layer or air cushion type) is suitable for outdoor transparent structure.

For indoor non combustible structure, silicone coated glass fibre fabric is suitable.

At NYC, we offer to the industry a distinct advantage of being fully equipped for the design, engineering, fabrication and installation of both the steel structure and fabric covering.


Learning from the past, building on the present,

rising into the future

Watersports, Putrajaya, Malaysia

One Mont' Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Food Court, Putrajaya, Malaysia

Northern Boulevard, Putrajaya, Malaysia

  Ocean Glow Hawker Centre, Perlis, Malaysia Cable Car Top Station, Langkawi, Malaysia
  STAR Publications (M) Berhad, Selangor, Malaysia Cable Car Middle Station, Langkawi, Malaysia
  Hakuraa Huraa, Maldives University Malaya Amphitheatre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  MPSJ Grandstand, Selangor, Malaysia JAYA 1 Commercial Centre, Selangor, Malaysia
  Bayswater Resort, Penang, Malaysia  



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